Your First Visit

We invite you to a better dental experience

Lincoln Crossings Dental Care - Your First Visit

Your First Visit

We invite you to a better dental experience

Be Our Special Guest

From the moment you enter our office, you can relax and rest easy as we treat you like our special guest.

Relationships Matter

We enjoy building long-term relationships with our patients. Getting to know you is incredibly important to us. We want to know what concerns you about your oral health as well as your hopes and goals for your smile. We also want to get to know you personally, talk about your family, hear about your vacation and and your job. It all matters to us.

Precision in Everything We Do

During the new patient experience, we are comprehensive and highly detailed when evaluating your oral health. We will take digital images and perform a professional oral health exam, an oral cancer screening, a joint and muscle evaluation, and a complimentary cosmetic consultation.

Time For You

We believe you deserve our undivided attention. You won’t see us running from patient to patient, rushing through evaluations and treatment. We will spend all the time we need with you to fully understand you and your oral health.

Please Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your time with us. The more we understand your expectations, needs, and concerns, the more effectively we can tailor your dental care to you.

Honesty & Integrity

If we recommend further treatment, we will openly present all of your options and answer any questions you have. We always use the best labs and materials to ensure you receive optimal results. Before any treatment, our team will tell you about the costs involved and the convenient payment options we offer.

Comfortable & Relaxing

We are committed to helping you relax during your treatment, and we offer a full range of options on our comfort menu. From streaming your favorite Netflix show, to cozying up with a blanket and neck pillow, you can expect to feel pampered during your visit with us.