Nitrous Oxide

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Nitrous Oxide

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Nitrous Oxide in North Huntingdon, PA

Tackle your dental anxiety with sedation dentistry solutions at Lincoln Crossings Dental Care.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous Oxide, which you may also know as laughing gas, is one of three sedation options we offer at Lincoln Crossings Dental Care. It is administered in the office to help you stay relaxed and calm while undergoing any type of dental procedure. Nitrous oxide is highly effective for patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety, and the effects wear off immediately after treatment.

How Nitrous Oxide Works

If you are nervous about visiting the dentist and that is stopping you from getting the care you need and deserve, Nitrous Oxide can help keep you calm and completely relaxed so that you don’t have to keep putting off your oral health care.

Nitrous oxide is a gas administered through a mask that fits over your nose. Once you breathe in the gas, you will start to feel calm and relaxed, and possibly a little giggly. That’s why it’s often called laughing gas. You will not fall asleep or be unconscious with nitrous oxide. Instead, you will remain aware enough to answer questions and follow directions, but still deeply relaxed.

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Benefits of Nitrous Oxide

  • Nitrous oxide is an excellent option for anyone who is apprehensive about needles or nervous about dental treatment.
  • It is perfectly safe and effective and can be administered for any type of treatment to calm your nerves.
  • The effects of nitrous oxide wear off as soon as you take off the mask, so you don’t have to worry about lasting effects. However, we still recommend that you do not drive home after being treated with nitrous oxide, for your own safety.


Any type of sedation has risks, although with Nitrous Oxide, they are rare. Dr. Stryker will talk to you about possible risks and also review your health and medical history to make sure that nitrous oxide is safe for you. Side effects and allergic reactions are very rare.