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Implant Dentistry

Welcome To The Lincoln Crossings Experience

Complete Implant Dentistry

Whether you’re missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, we offer a personalized and permanent solution for a natural-looking, lifelong smile. Dental implants offer the highest long-term success rate of all tooth replacement options.

Why choose Dr. Stryker?

  • As the owner of Lincoln Crossings Dental Care, Dr. Chris Stryker believes patients deserve a premiere, five-star dental experience unlike any they have encountered before. As a dental clinician, he passionately pursues advanced training to ensure everyone he serves is receiving the latest treatment solutions. Dr. Stryker continues to build upon his commitment to using science-based dental care to solve root issues through continuing education with the renowned Kois Center in Seattle.
  • Driven by a desire to build long-term relationships with patients, he sees dentistry as a partnership between doctor and patient to help them achieve their oral and overall health goals.
  • Beyond serving patients, Dr. Stryker enjoys all aspects of the great outdoors — hiking, camping, biking — and is an avid freshwater and saltwater fisherman. He and his wife Ali also enjoy traveling and trying new restaurants and food. Dr. Stryker has recently developed a passion for photography, nature, landscape, cityscape and even dental photography. In fact, Dr. Stryker took many of the photos you see around the office.
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What Every Patient Needs to Know About Dental Implants

Before you invest, get the inside scoop from Dr. Stryker. Discover the best treatment options and learn about the long-lasting benefits of Dental Implants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in a Dental Implant?

The most common material used for a dental implant is titanium or a titanium alloy. Ceramic may also be used in patients wishing to have a non-metallic option.

What are the benefits of having a Dental Implant placed?

There are many benefits to having an implant placed. A missing tooth can be replaced without cutting down the adjacent healthy teeth as is required when placing a bridge. Implants allow the dentist to replace missing teeth even when a bridge is not an option. Dental implants can provide a more stable base for a denture, particularly in the lower jaw. Also, dental implants help to preserve and maintain healthy jawbone in the area of the missing tooth or teeth. With proper home care and maintenance, dental implants can restore your smile and chewing ability for a lifetime.

What are the risks associated with a Dental Implant?

There is always a small chance that the dental implant will fail to integrate with the jawbone and have to be removed. Certain medical conditions can put you at a higher risk for implant failure. As with any surgery, there is a potential risk of surgical complications when placing a dental implant. Improperly positioned dental implants can make it difficult–if not impossible–to place a useful dental restoration in the mouth. Implant supported restorations do not have the same feeling as a normal tooth and it is possible to put too much pressure on them when chewing, leading to damage of the implant restoration or opposing tooth.

What is the alternative to replacing a missing tooth with a Dental Implant?

Bridges, dentures or partial dentures can replace missing teeth without requiring implants. The missing tooth or teeth can also be left without replacement. This, however, can lead to other problems such as an unstable bite or unwanted movement of the surrounding teeth.

Can a bite affect Dental Implant placement?

If you have a misaligned bite, the restorations placed on the dental implants will be at greater risk for fracture or failure. Proper alignment of the teeth prior to dental implant placement leads to

Are there any post-treatment limitations once I have a Dental Implant placed?

You should be careful not to disturb the surgical site immediately after dental implant placement. This means no chewing on the side of the implant and careful cleaning methods for several weeks to a month. The dental implant takes several months to totally fuse to the jaw, so fewer disturbances to the area means a higher success rate. If you have a temporary denture to replace your missing dentition, it is important that the denture does not rub on the surgical site.

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If you are missing teeth, you are not alone. 69% of adults aged 35-44 have lost one or more of their permanent teeth.

Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Strong and stable, functioning like a natural tooth.
  • Best long-term solution for replacing missing teeth.
  • Permanent. (No more removing teeth, slurring speech or limiting food choices)
  • Designed to last a lifetime.

Immediate implants… What’s that?

Traditional implants take months to complete and heal. But an immediate implant is exactly what you might think… immediate! That means no waiting months after your tooth has been extracted to get your replacement. An immediate implant is more aesthetically pleasing, more functional, and much faster. Watch and let Dr. Chirs Stryker — expert implant dentist at Lincoln Crossings Dental Care in North Huntingdon, PA — explain it all. Then, schedule your implant consultation with him today!

``If you're nervous about the whole procedure, I wouldn't be... the staff is excellent``

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Benefits of Dental Implants with Dentures

  • Stronger Fit – Implants prevent slippage and hold dentures securely in place.
  • Stop Bone Loss – Implants prevent bone loss from denture use and help maintain your natural facial structure.
  • Less Pain – Implants eliminate painful sore spots caused by denture pressure points.
  • Speak Clearly – Implants secure dentures allowing you to naturally pronounce words.

A Glowing Endorsement

Meet Tim, a man of few words but with a big, new smile. He may not have a lot to say, but what he does say is important. Tim recently completed a smile makeover with Dr. Stryker at Lincoln Crossings Dental Care in Huntingdon, PA. How do you think he feels now that he can smile with confidence and eat whatever he wants? We’ll let him tell you…