Reasons To Replace Missing Teeth

Have you recently had a tooth removed and are debating whether you are going to replace it? We have heard all the common concerns about replacing the missing tooth, from it not being visible to the fact that it is too expensive or that the process will be too time consuming. We are here to tell you that every tooth, no matter the location, should be replaced. The only teeth that do not need to be replaced are wisdom teeth and teeth that have been removed for orthodontic purposes. Dealing with tooth loss can be overwhelming, and people experience a variety of emotions. At Lincoln Crossings Dental Care, we are here to help our patients every step of the way. We want to be sure a tooth replacement option is chosen that will be beneficial and improve your quality of life.

Do Implants Hurt?

Are you in need of a tooth replacement and interested in learning more about dental implants as your final choice? Dental implants are a popular tooth replacement option due to the many benefits they provide. Not only do they restore the function of the teeth, but they also blend in seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth. When patients learn more about dental implants, one of their main concerns is whether they will hurt. Dental implants are a more in-depth procedure than some other tooth replacement options, leading patients to wonder about the level of discomfort. Dr. Stryker recently took the opportunity to make a video explaining more about the process of dental implants and whether the treatment hurts or not. Click here to watch the short video and learn more.